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The Jablunkov šance is a typical example of the fortification of a mountain pass. It is a unique fortification monument, which has no comparable analogy not only in the Czech Republic.

The fortification system built on the southern and southeastern border of Silesia from the 16th to the 19th century is located on the territory of three countries – Czechia, Slovakia and Poland, especially in the vicinity of the Jablunkov Pass (551 – 605  m a.s.l.). Since prehistoric times, a trade route has led here, which in the Middle Ages was called the copper path for the predominant trade in copper transported from the Upper Hungarian mines through Silesia to the whole of Europe.

You can locate VISITOR CENTER near by  fortification Velká Šance


  • interactive exposition about the historical fortification of Šance
    • Come to “shoot” from the cannon
    • Come to listen to music (drums, bagpipes, whistles)
    • Come to build a šance model
    • See virtual 3D models of how the fortifications have changed over the centuries
  • guided tours of the Šance fortifications
  • take the “Path of the Invader” nature trail, led by the moat of the fortifications
  • thematic regional souvenirs
  • regional products
  • assistance to organizers of trips and tours