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Guided tours of Šance Fortification

Recommended for a group of 15 – 20 people

In the exposition of the VISITOR CENTER of the fortification Velká Šance, the visitors will learn….

• What was the Velká Šance and the whole system of fortifications so-called “Jablunkovské Šance“ on the historical Silesian-Hungarian border

• Why it was built here

•What “The Regional Road“ was and where gates to the fortress were located

• What building elements were used

• Who “Vybranci“ were

• When and how the fortress was being rebuilt and completed

• How the water and food supply in the fortress was solved

• Where the individual objects in the fortress were located, such as the bell tower, the commander’s house, blockhouses, etc.

• On the animated projection, the visitor will see how the Velká Šance looked like in 1809

Subsequently, the group will be guided through the fortress Velká Šance with commented reference to places or contours where the individual objects were located in the fortress


Standard date: CZK 30/person

Group tour as booked in advance: CZK 300/group of up to 20 people; 100% surcharge for tours given in foreign language (PL, EN)

There is currently no date for a guided tour