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Guided tours of Šance Fortification

The guide will guide the group of up to 40 people through the Great Šance fortification. The tour participants will learn…

  • What the Great Šance and the entire fortification system of Jablunkov Šance on the historical Silesian-Hungarian border was
  • Why it was built here
  • What “The Regional Road” was and where the gates to the fortress were
  • What building elements were used
  • Who “Vybrańci” were
  • When and how the fortress was rebuilt and completed
  • How the water and food supply in the fortress was solved
  • Where the individual objects in the fortress, such as the bell tower, the commander’s house, blockhouses, etc. were located
  • And other details

The guided tour includes also an exhibition tour in the Visitor Centre


Standard date: CZK 30/person

Group tour as booked in advance: CZK 300/group of up to 40 people; 100% surcharge for tours given in foreign language (PL, EN)

There is currently no date for a guided tour